The next hearing of the Andragogy Comission

2016-02-09 13:58:21

ASHE conference

2016-02-09 13:48:53

Ilona Dóra Fekete at the ASHE conference in Denver

Researchers' Night

2016-02-04 10:55:46

2015 our department participated in the events of the national Researchers' Night

International conference

2016-02-04 10:49:24

International Seminar on Teaching, Teacher Education and Teacher Educators

Community Cultural Management Teacher Training

2016-02-03 18:21:35

Our new major, the Community Cultural Management undivided teacher training starts in September 2015.

Double Anniversary

2016-02-03 18:20:30

45th anniversary of our training program and the 25th anniversary of our major

National Scientific Students Conference

2015-06-24 12:18:16

Department of Andragogy, Community Culture and Education