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Department of Andragogy, Community Culture and Education

Eszterházy Károly University of Applied Sciences,
Faculty of Teacher Training and Knowledge Technology
Department of Andragogy and Community Culture and Education

Our department trains adult education experts whose knowledge of pedagogical history, psychology, law, economics, and sociology acquired via a thorough study of governmental institutions, municipal governments, business enterprises, and the labor market enable them to perform direct planning, organizing, evaluation, managing, leisure time, human resource management, and consultancy related tasks in institutions, organizations, and other official entities dedicated to general education. Furthermore, the acquired theoretical knowledge will enable graduates to continue their studies in second cycle M.A. programs, and they can also go on and broaden their knowledge at the Educational Sciences Doctoral Program.


The history of Andragogy and General Education in Hungary dates back to the mid-1950s, to the work of Mátyás Durkó. The training of cultural education experts in Eger started in 1975, under the aegis of the Educational Studies Institute. It became an independent discipline relatively late, in 1989, and from 2006 an Andragogy B.A., with a Cultural Manager and an Event Organizer specialization, and a Leisure Time Counselor M.A. grew out of it. Currently the Community General Education Teacher Training major starts in 2015. Our department also offers trainings regarding event management and project management for graduates.

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Dr. Szilvia Simándi, Ph.D


Dr. Adrienn Tengely, Ph.D


Ilona Dóra Fekete
ERASMUS coordinator of the Faculty


Dr. Tímea Oszlánczi, Jur.

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